Weiss Performance Horses

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Glenormiston Christie

Glenormiston Christie aka Christie has been with the Weiss family for a number of years prior to Weiss Performance Horses, and is the "Oldest" member of the team (despite being the youngest!). Christie was purchased from the Glenormiston Connemara Stud as an unbroken gelding, and mear weeks after he was broken in, he was showing the beautiful quiet temperament Connemara's are known for.


In his time with Sarah Weiss and her sister Jessica, Christie has excelled from one discipline to the next. Competing to Novice Dressage, competing in show jumping to 90cm and eventing to Introductory, training much higher. The combination of high marks in the dressage and his ability to jump, he was very competitive at Pony Club Combined Training.

Christie was the foundation for Sarah Weiss's passion to teach riding lessons, and with the formation of Weiss Performance Horses, his kind and quiet temparment, combined with his education made him the ideal lesson horse from the most nervous beginner to the competitive rider.