Weiss Performance Horses

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Services and Rates

Lessons on Your Own Horse

1 Hour Private Lesson    $50

1 Hour Group* lesson     $40 per person


*Group lessons consist of 2 to 5 other riders. Extra costs may apply for travel.


Lessons on School Horses


1 Hour Private lesson     $60


1 Hour Group* lesson     $45 per person


30 Min Children's Private Lesson   $40 (under 10 years only)


*Group lessons consist of 2 to 5 other riders.



Riding/training your own horse (including pre purchase rides)  $40 per ride


1 hour ground work lessons (including floating lessons and basic handling)  $30

*Transport costs may apply upon application*

24 Hour Cancellation Policy


Clients who fail to attend their scheduled lesson(s) or cancel with less than 24 hours notice may be charged a $40 late cancellation fee prior to their next lesson. Students who regularly make late cancellations or regularly do not attend their scheduled lessons, may lose their lesson spot.

*The enforcement of the cancellation policy is at the discretion of Sarah Weiss. If you book a lesson with Weiss Performance Horses, you are expected to show up!*