Weiss Performance Horses

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Shannon (Age 17):

“I have been riding under Sarah’s instruction for just over a year and during this time I have immensely improved in my riding within the disciplines of show jumping, dressage and cross-country. When I first came to Sarah I had little understanding on correct equitation and had little to no knowledge on jumping position and techniques of basic dressage.

Through tailored lessons under these disciplines I soon built up my confidence, in a safe, friendly environment, going from a beginner doing small cross rails to an advanced rider tackling jumps over 1m and expanding my knowledge on dressage techniques.

As well as having fantastic lessons every week I also got the opportunity to participate in shows and attend the local pony club, which gave me invaluable experience to what it is like to owning and competing on a horse. Weiss Performance Horses is a riding school like no other. It has great flexibility, experience and numerous opportunities that suit all levels and ages of riders.

I will continue to take lessons with Sarah on my new mare, as there is always something new to learn and there are not many instructors out there who have the patience and guidance to take you further in your riding. I have complete trust in Sarah and truly appreciate her effort over the last year to fix my riding skills. Sarah is an amazing instructor, who not only has an in-depth knowledge of horses and all disciplines of riding but also has a strong love and passion for horses in general. Thank you for everything.”


Catherine (Age 19)

"I began riding with Sarah Weiss at Weiss Performance Horses just under a year ago. Prior to starting lessons with Sarah, I had a knee reconstruction which prevented me from riding for several months and needed a quiet school horse to help me regain my confidence. We initially started out slowly so that I would feel comfortable mentally and physically on the horses and I found Sarah to be very understanding of when I had reached my limit with my knee. After just a few weeks, I had regained my confidence and was riding and jumping like the rider I was before my operation.

After spending a few months of lessons on the Weiss Performance Horses I had begun searching for a horse of my own. I had driven out to see and ride several horses within South East Queensland and Sarah has come along with me for a second opinion on some of the horses. She would pick up on things that I wouldn't have and give me a bit of help if the horse and I weren't clicking. I have now purchased my very own horse and Sarah travels to my agistment property give lessons and helps in training my horse. I'd recommend Weiss Performance Horses to any horse enthusiasts as the horses are great and the people are great."

Kimberley (Age: 14)

"Horse riding has always been a passionate sport for me, however I hadn't found the riding school that really met my expectations. I started riding under Sarah Weiss’s instruction in early November of 2011 and since then not only my riding abilities but also my understanding of horse health, horse care and safety around horses have really improved.

Before I joined Weiss Performance Horses I had very little knowledge on correct equitation, a proper jumping position and the techniques of basic dressage. After many lessons with Sarah I have been able to excel in my riding skills within these disciplines. In just a short time I have gone from a nervous beginner jumping small 40cm(Aprox.) cross rails, to being confident enough and capable of jumping 90-1m fences on many of her safe and enjoyable horses. Sarah was able to further my riding by making me apart of her elite squad made early last year. This consisted of joining Mt Gravatt Pony Club and competing at various competitions in and around Brisbane. Being apart of the elite squad has helped me to advance in my riding skills immensely by learning to control a horse outside of the arena. This has not only helped me with my riding but it has also given the opportunity to meet new friends and experience many new and different things.

Sarah’s lessons are always very enjoyable and well prepared to focus on different assets of riding. With the help of Sarah in all areas I have been able to buy a horse of my own which is also half owned by Sarah. Without her and her fantastic horses I would never have been to get where I am today."

Holly Age: 13)


"In February 2012 I began riding at Weiss Performance Horses. Within last year, I have improved so much with my riding in the areas of; Show jumping and Dressage. Before I came to Sarah’s, I had basically no knowledge in show jumping and the position you need for it. I was nervous to jump as I had done minor of it before, I also had no idea how to do dressage nor did I understand any of it and the correct terms used for it. My first lesson had to be one of the most memorable and enjoyable lessons in my riding life, from only trotting over trot poles and cantering over small cross rails, I soon started jumping over 50cm by my fourth lesson. Today I am conquering 90cm with Sarah’s guidance and instructions.


Weiss Performance Horses is the best riding school I have attended, the horses are in fabulous condition and it’s a great way to find new friends who share the same interests as you do. Attending weekly lessons is a fantastic way to keep up with your knowledge and experience. Weiss Performance Horses allows any rider of age and experience to come and join in for the ride.

One of the amazing things about Sarah’s is not only the riding but the opportunity to tack the horse up and learn general horsemanship and horse care. Sarah Weiss is an extremely friendly girl who has an amazing talent, not only is she a riding instructor but she is a brilliant friend.

Paris and Sunny have helped me an enormous amount while riding at Weiss Performance Horses. I have improved so much under the supervision of Sarah Weiss and you can’t ask for a better riding school. Thank you Sarah x."

Vivian (Age: 13)


"I have never learnt so much in a short period of time in any type sport until I met Sarah Weiss. I began taking lessons with Sarah in early April 2011. When I first started, I had absolutely no knowledge about horses and could only ride at a slow canter and no further.

After about a month being instructed by Sarah, I immediately began to realise my improvements dramatically. Jumping at 60cm, I knew this is where I belong. As having regular lessons weekly on her horse, Sarah has taught all sorts of riding techniques to me including Dressage, Show Jumping, Equitation and also general and higher level knowledge about being around horses which will not be taught at other equestrian centres. Throughout these nearly two years, I have achieved so much; Having come from a beginner only known how to just canter, and graduated to an advanced rider jumping 90cm-1m. I also participated in her Elite Squad at the start of 2012. This gave me the wonderful opportunity to join Mt Gravatt Pony Club, jump Cross Country fences and competing at PCAQ competitions in the Brisbane area where I also met a heap of other riders, which soon became friends with.


I have had a lovely lifetime experience learning and being around her lovely horses at Weiss Performance Horses and I don’t think I can ever ask for a better instructor! Without her, I would never be at where I am now. Thank you so much Sarah!"